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Why should your company be using content marketing?

Content marketing is building one of the largest success stories within the media today. By generating valuable content online a business can see continual growth for their brand as well as for ongoing sales. Working with professionals can often be one of the greatest ways that you can jumpstart your success and make sure that you are using content that is designed for conversions in the early stages of your business.

We are a creative Swedish content marketing agency in Stockholm and it's our goal to provide top quality content that can convert for your business. Here are some of the top ways that you can enjoy improvements with your content marketing and how it could be affecting your business:

Assistance with conversions

Content marketing is perhaps one of the greatest marketing forces for selling products and converting promising leads into a sale. Customers suggest that content marketing does have an extremely positive effect on their purchase decisions. When a customer find out more about a product it can often give them a more personal insight into what the product can provide and how it can benefit a persons lifestyle.

Why your company should use content marketing

The retention of customers

By working with a creative Swedish content marketing agency in Stockholm like our business, you could retain customers like never before. As you continue reaching out to your audience and offering more content, it helps to keep your audience invested and connected to your brand. As you keep producing quality content, it will only improve your ability to reach out to your customers and build rapport. 

Establishing trust

A large well of content that can be found across social media and search engines ultimately builds trust with your audience. Informing your target audience and providing them with proper education about your brand and products will help you to build new relationships and have very informed consumers. 

Ongoing leads for your page

Content marketing's greatest strength comes with bringing compelling leads into your business. Our content marketing agency could help to generate more results for you across search engines that could eventually lead to a series of ongoing leads for your page. You'll receive organic traffic that can improve your page rank and offer users a large number of ways that they could discover your page for the first time.

SEO is a cost effective marketing strategy

Outbound marketing and paid search advertising can often be expensive to continue but an ongoing content strategy can often be one of the most inexpensive and high converting marketing campaigns that you use. According to content marketing Institute, this form of marketing costs around 62% less than any outbound marketing and often generates three times the amount of leads. 

Highly targeted audience members

You can optimize any type of paid search campaign but some of your best quality leads are always going to come from people that are interested in your content. Content marketing leads to highly targeted visitors that are on your page and ready to convert into sales. Getting web traffic is a great idea but highly targeted web traffic will always lead to better results and make your business to arrive for your marketing budget. 

You can stack up against your competition

Some of the largest businesses online are building content and using active content marketing strategies. In 2016 a Demand Gen report suggested that 47% of buyers need to view at least 3 to 5 pieces of content before they make a final purchase decision. Retailers are listening to these statistics and using content strategy to inform their audience. If you aren’t matching their efforts, you could be left behind quickly. 

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