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How you could benefit from freelance art directors

A professional art director could have an overwhelming effect on your business. These are professionals that are regularly hired by major corporations and they are becoming a staple for many start up businesses as well. 

Professional art directors are now available as freelance workers as well. An art director is someone who will be responsible for the ongoing visual style for your brands including on your product images, in publications, on websites, in applications and more. They can continually develop the artwork and layouts for your future brand rollouts and for the design of your products into the future. 

The hiring process for a freelance art director in Stockholm

Today there are a host of options on hiring art directors. Many companies choose to hire an art director as a full-time position. If you regularly launch new products or your business is based mostly in graphics, it could be a wise idea to have a full-time art director on staff. If you could use a professional for a keen eye for detail in a product design or website design, a freelancer can be much more advantageous.  

The benefits of using a freelancer

By choosing a freelance art director in Stockholm you can get access to the services of this professional without having to use a full-time staff member. You will be able to have access to just the tools you need to create a finished product and to build the professional graphics for your brand. 

The nice part about using a freelance art director is that you can enjoy getting through the concept phase or working on a particular project and then having flexible hours until they are needed again. You are simply billed hourly and you'll have access to updates on your project throughout. 

Benefits with freelance art driector

How the process works

A freelance art director will first work to understand your brand. An open dialogue can be created between you and your art director and it often involves a conference or sit down meeting. Understanding your brand in a product image that you are trying to cultivate is essential before an art director will go to work or work with a graphic designer to build your product mockups.

The art director will then coordinate with various designers, web developers and more to create a unified mockup for your idea. You can refine that idea and eventually produce a finished product for your newest brand launch.

The largest advantages of using art directors

Using a freelance art director can give you a competitive edge in your industry. If you are a start up company and you need to establish trust with your customers, having an art director can help you produce packaging and a website that is instantly effective and competitive with your competition. An art director can also work as a project manager throughout an entire project related to communications media. Having an overarching manager that knows the vision and can create a unified front for art direction is important for efficiency. The final product/s will be much more synonymous with the brand image that you are trying to cultivate and this can build a powerful effect for creating conversions with your brand.

Contact a freelance art director

If you are interested in hiring a professional freelance art director in Stockholm contact us immediately and we can begin your work. Our clients is located all over Sweden.

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